About Us

There was considerable devastation in Limerick following the announcement that Krups was to close after over thirty years in the City. Providing over 700 jobs and contributing approximately €20m per annum into the local economy, the impact of the closure was severe. It was widely acknowledged that Krups was going to be difficult to replace.

factory as viewed from the skyWithin a year however Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership purchased the facility and committed itself to establishing a Development Park on the site. The objective of the Park was to provide training, education and community development. Considerable progress has been made in achieving these objectives thanks to the dedication, commitment and co-operation of all involved.

Limerick Enterprise Development Park has proven to be a catalyst in Limerick City South. It has given the area added impetus and has helped realise some of the undoubted potential that City South has both in terms of people and location. The future now for LEDP is quite simple. We must continue to grow the resource. We are very excited about our role in City South and we will continue to work closely with all our neighbours in the community in the years ahead.

LEDP now fully supports the efforts of the Office of Regeneration . We acknowledge their efforts to regenerate the southside and northside of the city and through them the entire region. We see the social,educational, health and welfare of the people of the greater Limerick area as being at the core of the regeneration efforts.

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