LEDP are proud to support the First Tee Programme

The First Tee  Ireland adopts a partnership approach by building relationships with local schools, youth organisations and community groups. Through donations from businesses, individuals, grants, and fundraising initiatives, we generate funding at local and national levels to sustain, grow and develop our program.

The First Tee of Ireland (TFTI) is dependent on the goodwill of owners and managers of varying golf facilities to grant complimentary access to their facility which is a pre-requisite to the commencement of a program in any given area. Without such access and goodwill, the program would not be possible.

TFTI manages such access in a very careful manner with the intention of engraining the program into the fabric of the facility over time. TFTI brings many benefits to the facility including a new audience, potential future club members and association with a program that is having a positive impact in the local / surrounding community.

For Further Information on The First Tee Project The First Tee Ireland