Markets field pitch

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At approximately midpoint in the pitch re-laying project the soil has been reinstated onto the pitch covering the drainage system. Interestingly the only part of the pitch where rock was encountered in small amounts was on the Cathedral end close to the Rossa Avenue wall. Personal memory would suggest that there was a wet patch on the pitch on the edge of the penalty area on that end during the league winning season. It is felt that  the removal of that rock along with the new drainage ducts will greatly enhance the overall drainage. Our experts tell us that the soil is of excellent quality and perfectly suited for a sports ground.

Leveling work is now commencing to ensure that the pitch is perfectly flat. It is amazing to see the ground now without the track and retaining walls. At 5.35 acres it is not an insubstantial site….more pictures will follow.

Thanks to those who made contact after our call for any old photos or memorabilia relating to the ground and to those who are being so complimentary about the posting of the pics on the various blogs.. (The grammar police have taken note!!)

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