Markets field pitch relaying

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While it may appear similar to last weeks picture leveling work continues on the pitch re-laying with the last dressing of sand happening over the next few days. Excitement is building around seeing the actual green pitch re-emerging from all the work of the past weeks. First samples of the turf have arrived and it really does bring the reality of seeing the best surface ever on the pitch into focus.

Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions around items for the time capsule … some in true Markets Field tradition were ball hops!! The most original so far has come all the way from India from where a gentleman who has been following the weekly progress on line suggested that the great Willie O’Flaherty and his “magic sponge” be remembered. Perhaps we should remember all those great names (living and dead) that for so long were part of the Markets Field in all of its guises from the Frost Family who owned the ground at one time to the recently deceased Mick “The Doc” Crowe. If you have any suggestions just mail them to . If we receive enough we might find a corner on this site to remember those people that have made the ground what it is.

Grass at Market's Field