Sporting Limerick is a brand synonymous with all things good in Limerick Sport. Since early 2016 it has come under the umbrella of LEDP. Since then the brand has been reinvigorated adding a new website and content rich facebook page. It has also been instrumental in drawing together many sports codes through


Sporting Limerick Logo

1) Limerick GAA …Main Jersey Sponsor

2) Soccer …Sporting Limerick Charity Cup played in early June between Limerick FC and the winners of the Local Junior Leagues

3) Rugby….Sponsors of the Sporting Limerick Charity Cup 2016 in the first rugby game to be played in The Markets Field in  58 years


Sporting Limerick is run from a dedicated office in The Markets Field.

Raf Rocca, Evan Quinlivan, Jack Neville and Emma Needham form the team overseen from LEDP by George Lee

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