An Agent for Change

For 14 years LEDP has been to the forefront of innovation and partnership on the Southside of Limerick. This is our story…

Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership has over the past 14 years stayed true to its founding principles of employment generation and being a conduit for social, educational and economic development on the Southside of and in the greater Limerick city area and beyond.

While much of the energy in the early years was given to securing the property and establishing the Partnership while acting as a steadying force in the neighbourhood in terms of employment, the Partnership through its alliances, has in recent years, established itself as a major force for social change in the greater Limerick Area.

Through relationships established with diverse groups Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership has become an advocate and channel for change in the social, economic, educational and regenerative processes in play in the most challenged neighbourhoods of Limerick.