AK ILEN Boat Building School

The school is run by the A.K.Ilen Company which is a not for profit Limerick organisation. The AK Ilen Company is committed to providing men and women of all ages with quality experience and training in fine wood working and traditional wooden boatbuilding skills.

The aim of this company is to teach practical knowledge in traditional maritime skills, using wooden boats as the training medium. Workshops and programmes were designed to inspire students and participants with the self-reliance and fulfilment that comes from skilful work – accomplished through a pursuit of excellence. Further Information on The AK Ilen project is available on www.bigboatbuild.com

The company is also committed to community development and environmental education building, where possible, with sustainable, locally sourced, wood.

Fine wood working and boat building training programmes and workshops are made available to Limerick youth and the general community. These programmes are consistent with the companies objectives of participating in an inclusive and integrated Irish community in conjunction with experts from related maritime trades and studies.

Programmes enable students to have an overview of what traditional wooden boatbuilding entails. Transferable skills gained by students will be beneficial in many work place situations and will be useful for those seeking to follow a career in boatbuilding and also those who seek more general employment. Most importantly the programmes are designed to be enjoyable and fulfilling while creating an interest in Ireland¹s rich boatbuilding tradition and maritime history.