Community Education and Business Together

LEDP was founded as a company with charitable status with the mission of employment retention and generation, developing education, providing social finance, promoting economic development and supporting the neighbourhoods in Limerick City as a whole and on the Southside of the City in particular. As an organisation we set out to promote, encourage and mentor, individuals, companies and communities.

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Corporate Social Responsibities CSR

Find your Ideal New Office Lease and Maximise your Business’ Societal Engagement at the Same Time.
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Innovation Hub

  • Ground floor office unit available 3,251 sq. m (35,000 sq.ft)
  • Ready for tenant fit-out and suitable for a variety of configurations
  • Onsite café facility
  • Strategically located on the outskirts of Limerick City Centre off Motorway Junction
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LEDP Limerick

LEDP, Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership was founded as a charitable trust company in 1999 after the closure of the Krupps factory. It comprises seven partners with a founding objective of economic, social and educational development of the region and the city. The partnership owns and manages the 16-acre site in suburban Limerick that provides unrivalled access to all the major infrastructure both physical and technological.The unique nature of the park  allows sustainable synergies to exist between business, community and educational entities and allows financial services to be reinvested.

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Sporting Limerick —An LEDP Brand

Sporting Limerick is a brand synonymous with all things good in Limerick Sport. Since early 2016 it has come under the umbrella of LEDP. Since then the brand has been reinvigorated adding a new website and content rich facebook page. It has also been instrumental in...

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LEDP Innovation Hub

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