About us

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Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership (LEDP) is an organisation synonymous with Limerick’s transformation over the past 25 years. Established as a not-for-profit, independently funded charity in response to the closure of the Moulinex-Krups factory in 1998, it has a unique operating model: a commercial property which uses its revenue to invest in impactful community projects.

As a multi-stakeholder local partnership, LEDP provides a critical mass of economic activity and community-based services to support inclusive growth on its Campus, on top of its direct financial investment in the community.  LEDP is an organisation which on our own cannot eradicate the societal problems in our community, but we can be the spark in curtailing and minimising their impact. We can be a facilitator and catalyst of positive change by empowering people to be the change they want to see in their community.

Doing nothing is not our way.

Mission, Vision, and Purpose


LEDP’s mission is to connect people to opportunities through enterprise, education and upskilling, benevolence, and advocacy.


Our vision is one of ‘realising the full potential of the people of Limerick'.


Our purpose is to be 'a catalyst for positive change in Limerick’.

New Board

The Non-Exec Board of Directors and Executive of LEDP:

Back row (l to r): Joe Delaney, Limerick City & County Council Nominee, Gerry Greaney, LEN Nominee, Niall O'Callaghan (Chief Executive), Hughie Tiernan, LEN Nominee, George O'Callaghan, LCETB Nominee, Nigel Healey, UL Nominee

Front (l to r): Kieran Hodnett, Independent, Mary O'Donovan, Independent, John Gilmartin (Chair), Limerick Diocese Nominee, Elaine MacGrath, PAUL Partnership Nominee.

Organisational Members of LEDP


Every person, every place has the potential to be more. But potential needs a catalyst. A spark that moves potential from something that might be, to something that is. LEDP is that spark. A mission to help people see potential and realise it. To help Limerick help itself. To improve lives and futures. LEDP is vision, support, and the spark of action to find the potential within and move it forward.


LEDP. Potential moves us.