DEIS Schools Video Competition


  1. Two overall winning schools will be awarded a prize of €2,000 towards IT Equipment.
  2. Three further schools will receive €500 for their school towards IT Equipment.

Key headlines:

  • You must read the Entry Guidance Document before entering.
  • This is exclusive to DEIS Primary Schools in Limerick City and County.
  • Whole school submission, one entry per school.
  • 3 minutes long, upload to YouTube required.
  • Children asked to consider things which make them proud of their community, people, places, events, teams, streets and monuments etc.
  • Provides teachers with an opportunity to discuss the importance of community pride in the classroom.
  • Deadline for submissions is June 8th, 2024, with winners to be announced by June 24th, 2024.

This competition is exclusive to DEIS primary schools in Limerick City and County.

How to Enter:

Making videos is fun, but if it’s your first time, it’s good to have some help! The aim of this guide is to help you produce a short 3 minute video about 'Pride in our Community' in three simple steps:

  1. Choosing Your Style
  2. Making Your Video
  3. Submitting Your Video

When you are finished you can use our online application form to send us the link to your video. You’ll also find some information below on what our judges are looking for and how they will be assessed.

1. Choosing Your Style

You’ll want to decide how your video will look and feel. Will it be live action or animated? Humorous or more serious? Will it take the form of a demonstration, an interview or even a song? What’s the best way of getting the information across to the viewer in a memorable way? Remember you have the advantage of using a visual medium, so feel free to dress up, draw, demonstrate, animate, sing, play, experiment, interview, build and recruit friends, family or whatever you need to tell your story. Be enthusiastic about your topic and try to have some fun!

Using a storyboard can be a great idea, to plan what will be seen at all stages of the film. Try to avoid presentation or slideshow style videos with lots of text and/or images as these are rarely as engaging as those with someone on screen. Or use a split screen so the presenter and the text/images can be seen at the same time.

2. Making Your Video

Film the video using whatever device you are most comfortable with and have access to, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or camera. Just make sure you film it in landscape orientation, rather than portrait, so it looks well on the big screen!

Make sure everything in the video has been created by you!

3. Submitting Your Video

To submit your video, you will need to first upload it to YouTube and send us the link via our online Application Form before the submission deadline of June 07th 2024. 

It is really important to note that Video Privacy Settings should be set to ‘Public’ on YouTube so your video can be viewed by our judges and the general public. After judging, you are free to remove your video from YouTube if you wish, as the video still remains yours.

Video Judging

Videos will be judged on three criteria:

Content – How effective is the video at explaining the theme of 'Pride in our Community'. Does it appear that the topic was well researched and understood? Will a member of the public learn something new from the video? Could a teacher use the video to explain the topic to their own class?

Production – How does the video look and sound? How would the video look on TV or screened for the public at a public event? Can everything that is being said be heard clearly? Is the video no longer than three minutes? The effort that has been put into preparing the video, e.g. props, costumes, locations, animation, will also be considered here.

X-factor – Does the video “wow” in some way? Was it entertaining and/or impressive? Was there something about the delivery, the methodology etc., which stuck in the mind afterwards?

Finally, good luck!


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